Orden Studio offers you our experience in organizing through this journey a well planned and scheduled set of events ahead of time.

Preparation for the “great day”. Everything should be in place to welcome your baby.

Advise on all required items purchase. We are aware it is not only decisions on trolley model or color, little shoes or first set of clothing we are buying, but on every necessary aspect that needs to be ready upon baby´s arrival (hygienic conditions, appropriate kitchen area, baby changing area…)  including reinterpretation of the space available.

“Based on my own experience, I know that from the day you are told you are expecting a baby, your world turns up side down and nothing stays never the same again. For that, this nine month wonderful journey must be something to be lived from the utmost joy, a journey full of calmness, peace and easiness.”

Adelaida Gómez – Professional Organizer and Orden Studio director.