¿Are you planning to move and only thinking about it makes you sweat cold?

Moving out is only something else that happens a few times in life. As any other event, can be handled smoothly and fast if it is well planned ahead and carefully organized.

With our help it all will be a lot easier and relaxed. Orden Studio will help you to:

  • Sort out all objects before moving out.
  • Identify those objects which are useless or obsolete with the various options to get rid of them as sell, donate, recycle or others…
  • Contract a moving agency upon bid price review.
  • Study of the new space for optimization proposal review in case is needed.
  • Advise on the purchase on new furniture or other objects if required.
  • Attending the moving agency in the new space and element relocation advice.
  • Start up in the new space following our saying “everything has a place and there is a place for everything”.
  • Assistance and follow up on your first days after you moved.


“We want to become the leader of your satisfaction”