Do not let chaos stay in your life and get your equilibrium and harmony back at home as well as in your inner self. Life becomes a lot simpler when all things are within your reach, well located and easy to grasp for you.

Orden Studio can help you to:

Fulfill your dream of becoming independent:

  • Order at home: place everything back in its place if it had it, if not, we will help you to find one for it. We will put your closets in order, your shoe rack, book shelves, medicine cupboards, kitchen, fridge, bathrooms, storage rooms, garages and everyplace that needs getting in order or just getting better organized.
  • Order in your home economy: you can economize on your shopping list if you think carefully which your specific needs are.
  • Order in your digital world: get your pc in order by creating and digitizing files; pictures, documents, libraries, music, etc…

¿You need to start a new life and do not want to make it all alone?

We can help you on the practical side to soften the deep change an emotional split brings along. We will get your ideas in Order and establish the appropriate steps to follow so you can get on your new life fast and full of empathy:

  • Look for a new home according to your needs.
  • Should you remain in your place, we can reorganize the spaces now available according to the new situation.
  • Recollection and selection of your personal belongings.
  • Transportation of all your belongings in and ordered, safe, prompt manner.
  • New purchases, commercial and other arrangements  (contracting utility services on your behalf, changing bank accounts checks …) so you can move in immediately.
  • Finding intelligently a proper place for all your things in your new home.

“Keeping Order in your life will make you maintain your equilibrium and harmony”.