As an experienced commercial international manager for fifteen years in the fashion industry, having worked for widely known firms as Comptoir des cotonniers, Et vous, Prada and Zara (Inditex) I discovered myself among other needed qualities in the business as a great natural organizer interested in everything related to the idea of order.

After ten years of great collaborations, having travelled the world with my last company (Inditex), I have decided to specialize professionally on what I am very good at.

I consider myself to be in love with life, always thinking positively to everything that happens around me. I am passionate about kids, cooking, listening to music, inner growth, dogs, be surrounded by Nature, sports and sense of humor.

As an active person both physically and mentally, and as a mother I try to manage our lives in the most organized manner at all levels; working, timetables, daily menus, school, hobbies, gym, family events, social events… to get the most out of our days.

Living an organized life makes myself feel more relaxed, with no stress to incorporate  the unforeseen everyday affairs better.

Besides my innate qualities to the order  I considered very important to support my abilities with additional and complementary training and I’ve been lucky enough to receive from other industry professionals specialized in this type of training in the US .

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