My experience with Orden Studio has been great and very surprising.I was not very excited on the idea until I saw the results. It is incredible all the potential your house may have without you being aware of it… Orden Studio get the most of that potential and squeezes out all the possibilities your home has. Our small flat is now more practical and living there is now easier and more comfortable!
The service is done professionally and efficiently.
I strongly recommend everyone to try it and see how Orden Studio is capable of improving your daily life.”


“My experience with Adelaida from “Orden Studio” has been revealing.I am single father and after divorce I did have a hard time getting my daily routines organized, trying to combine my long working hours, my business trips and my house work.
For me it is very important my kid feels a sense of harmony at home. Adelaida got the most out my flat; she advised me on the purchase of functional useful furniture, optimizing the space, deciding together the place for everything (with the reasoning behind) and above all, she helped me decorating my kid´s bedroom in a cozy, pleasant way.
I thank indeed the team of Orden Studio their kindness, availability in making my flat in an organized home with only little touches respecting yet my lifestyle. I do recommend the experience to all.”


“I hired Orden Studio because I was convinced I had no more room for my clothing in my closets nor any more space available in my kitchen. Lack of space was making me being disorganized.Once Orden Studio finished his job, I realized we do have to optimize all our spaces around the house but we also have to deal with many things we do not need any longer; things we must learn to give, donate or throw away.

In my closet I am aware now where I have everything and it is functional when I use it.

In the kitchen I have everything in its place and I have a place for everything, and I love it.

I think it is very important to observe Order at home because it will be traduced in Order in your life too. Sometimes we sit at home to read or work but we end up tidying everything up first so we feel more relaxed.

This is the same then. If you have your house under control and you know where everything is, you are more relaxed mentally and that is a positive help to deal with the rest of your daily activities.

Thanks for making my life a bit easier.

I recommend Orden Studio everybody, everybody that needs optimize his space.”


“I met the team by chance when got to see the job they had performed for a just divorced friend of mine. I had always considered myself an organized person, above average, but to tell you the truth I have improved a lot since I know Orden Studio team.I have had three sessions with them already and we have worked mainly in my closet organization. I feel fully capable in maintaining the order we have agreed on. Impressively enough, I am very proud for it; I am aware where I have everything now an I like to prepare my next day clothing I am wearing the night before.
I think I am going to see them some times more. My wife has seen them working too and she is of the opinion that the kitchen needs some additional order; she is about to participate with a friend of hers in Master Chef and has realized you cannot find anything when cooking, it is impossible enjoying like this.

I am sure Orden Studio will do just perfect.

I recommend without doubt Orden Studio team for their kindness, professionalism and discretion.”


“When the clock is ticking and apart from you everyday activities you have to include a move you had not anticipated, the possibility to delegate the job to a professional made our lives better in an instant. With a few indications on our side, Orden Studio made the house change while our everyday routines where still on going. In a few days, the only difference in our lives was a different house and another language but the feeling of being at home was present instantly. Everything had its place, the correct place; we went unaware of any unforeseen event since Orden Studio got it resolved in the process allowing us to get on with our busy schedules.Confidence, tranquility, excellent execution and all those little details made the difference.

Thanks again!.”



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